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Today is GIVING TUESDAY, Consider making a donation to help build Rowan's Memory


On this giving Tuesday we ask everyone to give a little, so that we may do a ton! If you or someone you know are looking for someway to give, please consider giving to Rowan's Memorial Park! We are creating this park to memorialize Rowan Sweeney, an innocent victim of a horrible tragedy that gave this four year old his angel wings to soon. Every cent made goes to building this park in his memory as well as expanding it to include all those that have lost a loved one!

Thank you in advance for you donation as you may give in the following ways:

Current Ways to Donate: On Our Website @ Any Huntington Bank Send A Check to Huntington Bank In Person at Huntington Bank


GoFundMeWebsite: Donors can make checks out to: Rowans Memorial Fund Rowans Fund Rowan Sweeney Memorial Fund (Or anything that is close to this) Official Address to send Checks to: Rowan's Memorial Park P.O.Box 97 Struthers, Ohio 44471

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