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On Monday, September 21, Rowan Brandon Sweeney was taken away from this Earth in a pure act of evilness. He was 4 years old, turning 5 in just two short weeks. Rowan was loved by so many, and he returned that love ten-fold. His family would love to honor Rowan in a way of giving back and making others happy, as that's what Rowan would want. He wanted nothing else but to please his parents and make his family smile. This sweet, innocent boy has touched lives and brought a community together. 

We want to honor his memory by creating an inclusive playground for the community in his name. Rowan loved the whole idea of parks and playgrounds. He would want nothing other than a safe place that can bring love and enjoyment together. It would mean everything to Rowan if he could be responsible for others' happiness. The funds raised here will be used to create this playground in his memory. As an addition to building this playground in Rowan's name, we also would like to honor all the families that have experienced loss and tragedy as great as ours. We want to build this playground in Rowan's name and all of their memories as well.

We hope that this place will be a source of comfort to Rowan’s family and friends, the community, and to all who have lost loved ones to acts of senseless violence, as well as a reminder to all of the value of family.  We hope to share his light with the world through this project of healing. Help share his name and spread his happiness.



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