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Most people want to know where the generous donations they give go exactly. Please feel assured that when you donate to Rowan Sweeney Memorial Foundation, you are donating to a generous cause that goes directly what is meant to. All donations that are collected for the playground go right into a non-profit bank account that is solely intended on creating and building a Memorial Playground that will excite everyone. The park vision is one that will be light-hearted in nature and have something in it for everyone will enjoy.  While spreading joy is part of our mission, we also want to make sure we invite everyone to the playground of all ages, abilities, and background and give them a chance to not only enjoy the playground, but the honor the memory of those families that have lost loved one's lives to tragedy. This playground will be a place to always remember the value of life and will be a place where everyone will be encouraged to tell their story.

How to Donate


 Write Out To:

Rowan Sweeney's Memorial Foundation


 Bring In and Drop Off To:

  1.  Any Huntington Bank (Reference Rowan's Foundation)

  2. Give To one of the board's members

  3. Message the Facebook page for more information on how to drop off a check




  1. Click On ANY Donate Now button located on this website. (Credit Card or PayPal Checkout)

  2. Go Fund Me:

  3. Use Pay Pal QR Code:



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Our Playground Goals


Featured to the left is our playground's design renderings! If anyone is able to donate in any way to get costs down, please reach out to us and let us know how you can help! Below is more information about our playground.


Estimated cost for everything (freight, equipment, turf, concrete, and installation):


Expensive! We know, who would have thought playgrounds costed so much! As much as we would love to reach this goal, it is dependent on funds raised. Not only is this an amazing way to remember Rowan, but it is also the perfect way to improve our community and bring something to it that EVERYONE can enjoy! Do your part to help us by donating so you can visit the playground and have a blast.

Rowan Sweeney's Memorial Playground Details:

The playground will be located inside of Boardman Township Park.

The playground surface is artificial turf with safety foam and concrete making the entire space accessible to all.

The modern and thrilling equipment is made to include all abilities and ranges for those ages 2-92.

A large shade structure strategically placed for parents or guardians to sit with a view of the entire playground.

Take a look at the amazing design renderings and the playground's equipment! If you are interested in donating to a specific piece of equipment, please see below for further information!

Naming Opportunities

Sponsor a specific piece of equipment or project!

Swing Set Components:

Belt Seats $300

 Bucket Seats $800

Harness Seats $1,000

Swing Set Frame $3,700


Curva Spinner


Curva Spinner.PNG
Oodle Swing.PNG

OmniSpin Spinner


Hex Shade.PNG



Global Motion.PNG



we go swing.PNG







Super NetPlex



Artificial Turf, Safety Foam, and Installation of Turf


Professional Certified Installation of Equipment




Donor Signage 

Small Feather:


Medium Feather:


Large Feather:


Heart Face:

$100,001 and up

donor sign.PNG

Naming Rights: $500,000+

For more information, please contact 330-397-6578


Oodle Swing


SkyWays Hex Shade


Global Motion


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